Thursday, July 28, 2005

Those Summer Nights (and days)

I have to say, its a rough life I Sunday was particularly rough...I left my house around 12, armed with a list and various things that needed to be dropped off. My first stop was the girls' house to drop off a tank top...turns out that should have been my last! They were all lying on the sidewalk in the sun...well wouldn't you know it, my bikini was in my car and they had an extra towel. Well...I never left. Around 2 we all joined a few other people in a strenuous float down the river. It was a lot of fun! It felt good to just let go of all my rushing needs and relax...nothing bad happens, I discovered, when you just let yourself go and relax for a while. Everything I needed to get done got done went on. Imagine that!
Not much else around here, ive been working at Old World Deli still...had a job interview last week for the Beanery on Circle...but the manager has been sick the last few days so I havent been able to find out about that...checked in at Ruby Tuesday (the job I really have the possibility to become a waitress and then hopefully train to be a bartender...itd be a lot better money than at Old World Deli) and they said that im "on the list" for the next round of interviews...yay!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

It really is the street of dreams

So I went to Portland yesterday to hang out with Matt...which is always a guaranteed good time!! We went to see Charlie and Chocolate Factory at OMSI in the IMAX was amazing!!! We had seen it a week before at the Lloyd Center mall...but after hearing that it was at OMSI...we had to see it there. I have only ever seen one other movie in an IMAX theatre; it was Everest, about 8 summers ago down in Florida when I was visiting my aunt and uncle. Before the movie we had dinner at this amazing restaurant...The Saucebox, he called it an "Asian-Fusion" restaurant, off was nice, let me think...I think he called it "urban yuppie" or something like that...pretty fancy...but oh so delicious!! We had a great we always do. Well...Matt and I had planned to go out to play pool after the movie...but we were both we just went home and to bed. Today was awesome!!! After getting about 10 hours of sleep (which I desperately needed!) we got up and had sesame pancakes (I just about died! they were soooo good) then headed out to see what we could see in Portland. We were thinking of going rock climbing, and I was so psyched up for that...then we found out that it costs $14...and that is before the equipment rental (which he needed...I didn’t cause luckily I had my gear with me!) we bagged that idea and headed to REI to see if their rock wall thingy was open, which it was...but it just is so small...and no one was using it and the place was packed so I just would have felt silly...they were having their "members only used gear sale" though...we looked around but nothing looked terribly exciting...or at least not exciting enough to buy! So we left...and headed out on one of the most amazing drives I have ever taken. We headed to some area of Portland off to the west...Skyline Blvd or something like that...the houses were incredible!! I have never seen such ritzy houses!! We were driving up into this one neighborhood...and Matt's like "Hmmm...This looks like it could be a 'Street of Dreams' street" then he pulled over to pick up the flyer of one that was for sale...and sure was the 1998 Street of Dreams!! The one that was for sale happened to be the "Best in Show" it was a 1.3 million dollar house!! So amazing though...and the street just looked like was incredible...we drove around a bit was quite the experience...there honestly are no words to describe these houses!! At least not any that I know...there was a website for a virtual tour of the "Street of Dreams" house... and the house number is 5036773. So then we went to this bar...the Skyline Tavern or something like that...we had a couple of beers then played pool. After our first game...another couple joined us...they must have been in their mid to late 40's...but they were a lot of fun...taught me a few things about pool...which is always good...I like to learn!! It was a lot of fun though! Well...he had a wedding to get to...we headed back to his place...washed his car real quick (well we didn’t wash his car, he did and I rinsed, cause apparently I don’t do it good enough...I washed the whole right side then he felt the need to do it I decided to not even bother and just That’s about it...after getting home I ran then showered and headed to the girls' house to get ready to go out...which we did...Kait and Oahn and was a blast!! We went to Cantina for 80's night...good times.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Okay, so I was driving home today and literally backed up on the road to take a picture of this was so beautiful!! My camera doesnt do it any justice though!! Oh well...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

working girl

Day two of my new job at Old World Deli. Yesterday went well…it was a little hard cause I wasn’t really sure what to do…but today was great! I decided that I didn’t care if I knew what to do or not…I was just going to go something….and I even jumped in and just started making sandwiches for ppl and figuring it out as I went. I think this job is going to be okay…the tips aren’t great (cause we don’t serve ppl – there’s just one of those tip jars on the counter) but its fun and the ppl are nice. There isn’t really anything specific anyone does…we all just sort of do everything…prep…make sandwiches…do dishes…I like it.
So, I worked for 3 hrs yesterday and 4 today…im working a total of 20 hrs this week though…it’ll be good to finally get a paycheck!!
After work yesterday I took Dahli out for a run…she just about thought she was going to die!! So did I actually…it was pretty hot. Then I went rock climbing!! YAY!! I hadn’t gone since last Wednesday…cause they are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Thursday I was too tired…so that felt really good. Im actually going to go again today and go bouldering with Jed.
So after climbing…I did random stuff…I know…its exciting isnt it!! I also talked to Matt for a long time…it was amazing…I got that guy to be on the phone for probably about an hour total!! Its good for him…lol…besides, how could he not want to talk to me! His “wonderful Jesse” (that’s a quote from his blog – aint it sweet!)
David came over to hang out for a while…and managed to sneak a rose (from his garden) onto my pillow! Im such a space cadet – I didn’t notice it for a while. Well those of you who know me know how much of a hopeless romantic I am…so needless to say I was pretty happy with it…unfortunately, I don’t have any small vases to do it justice so its sitting in a small glass with rocks…kinda cute though. Matt…you’d like it….it’s a great photo-op…a perfect rose.
So…David’s dog Duke discovered my Guinea Pig the other day…she sits on top of an entertainment unit in the living room and Duke is just dying to have a chance at her….its so cute though…cause he stands up on his back legs and tucks his front ones in like a rabbit and looks in the cage (hes huge by the way…so yes…his head gets up that high) and as if that isn’t high enough for him…sometimes he jumps up to get a better view. Let me tell you something about this dog…he can jump like nothing I’ve ever seen!! Its amazing!! Hes just this big ‘ol thing with these clodhopper paws but he can jump up and touch your hand if your holding it above your head!! Its adorable though…cause he is so graceful about it too!

Monday, July 18, 2005

fun in the sun

I love this weather!! I spent 5 hours yesterday with Oahn, Kait, Ally and Sean just laying beside Foster lake…we’d bake for a while then swim for a while (which felt soooo good…it was roasting out! A high of 97!). Sean brought some floating noodles and the great blow up floaty chair thingy that we all had a blast playing around on. Dahli had a good time too…lots of swimming…when we went out into the water…she would try to go too. But she got tired easily…which is fine…ill just have to build up her endurance…which means more trips to the lake…darnit!! Lol
After the drive home, I took a very cold shower and got some packing done. I also slathered myself with aloe vera lotion because apparently I wasn’t so good with the sunscreen application…or just had too much sun exposure…the backs of my legs got it really good…since they never see the sun they are ultra-sensitive to it. Oh well…the burn has pretty much gone away now.
Around 8 I went for a walk with David and his wonderful lab/rotweiler/shepard/hound mix dog named Duke. We went up some logging roads out by Philomath…there was a little lake-type thing that we threw sticks in for the dogs….Duke is so cute when he jumps in the water…he gives a yelp then takes a flying leap as far out as he can then paddles like a madman trying to get to the stick. It was hilarious!! It was all Dahli could do to keep up…it was good exercise for them though. So then…on the way back…my brilliant little girl decided to jump into a hole that turned out to be just solid mud!! I had to grab her by the back of her neck to get her out cause she couldn’t manage it on her own…then she thanked my by shaking off right there and splattering mud on David and I…it was real sweet of her!! Back to the lake we went to rinse her off.
Well…we hung out a bit…then put together a bit of an impromptu dinner…it was really good though…David had this great idea for the chicken…baked with spaghetti sauce and cheese…and he made garlic bread and steamed zucchini with cheese. There was peaches and vanilla ice cream for dessert…but we were so full from dinner we didn’t want any. I had some today though…it was really good!
After eating, we were both so tired from our long days (he worked all day down in Eugene in the sun doing siding or something) we crashed. It was a long day! But great!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Here we go!!

After much consideration, I have decided to join the ranks of "bloggers"....
This is a good time too because there is so much going on in my life right now...I am in the process of moving…and it is quite the process for me...those who know me best can attest to the fact that I am quite the little pack rat...and therefore have waay to much stuff to pack in an organized manner!! lol…its good though…cause i'm using this opportunity to weed through all the stuff and hopefully simplify things a bit…we’ll see how that goes. So, i’m moving from an apartment that (which I share with my sister) to a three bedroom house with two other girls. The great thing is that the house has a great big yard for my dog to play in…which will be great when classes come about cause then she wont be cooped up all day, like she was living here. The downside is that it’s a 10 min drive to campus…which means it’s a hell of a lot longer to ride my bike to school…which I really enjoy doing…so well see how that works out.
Ok…so after about 3 weeks of searching, I think I have a job!! Yay!! But I am trying to hold off a little on the excitement because i’m not positive…he just said that i’m working from 11 to 2 on Monday and to call tomorrow after 11 to find out more scheduling…but that sounds pretty good to me!! Oh yeah…its at Old World Deli…should be fun…that place is a little funky…in a good way…kinda like me!!Aside from the joblessness and the packing (ick!) the summer has been pretty chill…took a day long canoe trip with my buddy Matt…been spending time climbing (one of my fave things to do!!)…running with Dahli (my wonderful lab/border collie dog)…yeah…good times!!