Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Belay on!

So Matt and I went to a climbing gym last night. Yeah...that was interesting. was actually fun, and quite a learning experience!! I’ve been getting pretty good at climbing at Dixon (the Rec center at OSU), have a couple of bouldering routes that I've been working on and getting better at, and others that I'm well enough at that I can go up and down them a couple of times without I’ve felt pretty good about my climbing abilities. Well...enter this climbing gym!! First off, the routes had no ratings!! That threw me off a bit, cause I know what kind of route is good for me to warm up on then I work from there, depending on how I feel. So what we had to do was just look up the route and see if we thought we could do it. The next setback was that they use a mechanism called a grigory for the belayer (the person on the bottom holding the end of the rope for the climber), and it actually has an automatic lock and a lever to pull to let the climber down. I’m used to using at ATC device, which requires a lot more attention by the belayer, but its what I always use, so the grigory was actually harder for me. After climbing for a little bit, I discovered two crutches that I have in my climbing. One, Dixon itself. I’m comfortable there, I know the walls and routes, and what I can and cant do, and what to try when I'm feeling good. This place was totally foreign. The other crutch that I discovered I have is the guys I climb with. There is a good-sized group of guys I go with, most of them work at Dixon, and when they are not there working, they are there climbing, and there is also a couple that don’t work there, they are just always there. Well, I always climb with these guys, and we sort of have our system down and know each other’s abilities and styles and everything. It was very different for me to not only be removed from this group but to also be with someone with whom I have no system set up. Not that I dont love you matt!! was just interesting, cause I have things that I just do, and thats how it is. But usually the people I’m with do it those are my two working goals now for climbing, I need to get out more (which will be hard due to time and financial constraints!!) and I need to get out with some different people...or I need to train Matt better to do it my way (yeah right!)

So that was yesterday...aside from that my life has been pretty basic lately...I had the two jobs at Old World Deli and The Beanery on circle, then last week I got a job at Ruby Tuesday too!! YAY!!! Except that...wait...let me see...yeah...that’s three jobs!! Do I want to survive the summer? I think yes. So I put in my two weeks at Old World Deli. I’m planning on keeping Ruby Tuesday and The Beanery through the school year. But that’s been my life lately. Working, climbing, organizing my stuff at the new house, and going there are some good stories!!
Last week Kait, Oahn and I went to the Library (I love that it sounds so innocent!!) on Thursday and then Cantina both on Friday and Saturday. Now...listen to this. Saturday was the first time that I've ever been to Cantina totally sober (I know...its sad!!), and I have to say, it was a rather eye-opening experience!! and the last time I’m ever going to do it again! lol


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

"or I need to train Matt better to do it my way (yeah right!)"

Haha... you are a funny girl...


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