Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Drove home from portland today, got some stuff done at home, worked from 230 to 630...then headed to the climbing gym!! The best part of the day! I went around a couple of times, doing a warm up traverse, then tried Jed's idea of “fun”, which was traversing around the gym, keeping my shoulders no more than about 4 feet off the ground, it was hard…there are not very many good holds down there, and its more difficult to use your legs cause they are all cramped up. Well, needless to say that didn’t last very long. So we played a game that was actually fun…cant remember the name…Jed does two moves, I do his two then add two of my own, he does his, mine then two more…etc, so on and so forth…its fun, but he’s better than I and loves to make it hard for me. So at about 715 Chris decides its time to go and put his slackrope to good use. So we head to the field in the northeast corner of campus and string it up between two trees…what a slackrope is is a special, flat, nylon cord that you rig up between two trees, very tightly, so that you can walk on it. And we did. Its hard. I really need to bring my camera more places with me so that I can take pictures of this kind of thing!!


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