Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thats, like, your opinion

Matt came down thursday night. We went to the library with Kait and Oahn, surprise surprise. Friday was spent doing...well...nothing of any real consequence. I didnt work, which was grrrreat! I did get a bit done around the house though...organized my dresser, which it desperately needed! Now I have a bunch of clothes to get rid of. Saturday I hung out in the morning, then worked. Saturday night was a blast!! There is a girl at work, Jessica, who I close with a lot, and she and I went out together saturday night. Oh my god did we have fun. We started with a drink at her place...I had discovered a new flavor of Absolut Vodka - Apeach, its soooo good with orange juice. So we had those. Then we went to cantina, where we promptly sat down at the bar and ordered two irish car bombs!! I had never had one before (which horrified Jess...which is why we had them in the first place). What it is is a glass of Guiness Stout beer, and then you have a shot of Bailey's Irish Creams and Irish Wiskey, which you drop into the Guiness just before chugging the whole thing!! Yay!! It was actually really good. So we sat and chatted for a while, then decided we wanted another drink, so we asked Travis (the bartender - who is also a friend of mine) to make us "something good"...and he did...and it was. I dont know what it was though. Well...we had enough in us at that point to get up and dance, though no one else had really decided to. Except this one guy, who is always there on Saturday nights (80's night!! Good times!!), so we hopped up on the mini stage and danced our hearts out with him. It got busier, we ran into some people I know, hung out outside, etc whatever...then decided it was time for another car bomb!! There were three of us that had them the second time around...its kinda fun actually...and very tasty. So at about 2 am Jess' boyfriend Tom (bless his heart for doing this) came and picked us up.
I woke up Sunday morning on Jess' couch (which was actually really comfy) with Saturday night's dancing and good times still rolling around in my head. No hangover though, I have yet to be hungover after one of my nights out (knock on wood) guess im just lucky that way...not to mention very well hydrated.

Sunday was fun...I worked in the morning...then headed to the coast. It was Marcia's (my step-mom) birthday, so I headed to their place for a little party. Tyler had organized a little sushi-making party, which was dinner also. It was a rather small, light dinner though, but that was all well and good since the dessert/birthday cake was an amazing carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Oh my god this cake was unbelievable!! Actually, I just remembered theres a piece in my fridge that I took home...im going to eat it when im done here. So we had cake, opened presents, hung out...then my dad and Marcia went to bed, and Tyler, Zach and I hung out at a friends house til about 130. It was pretty fun...it felt good to just hang out with my sibs, I dont get to see them that often.

Ok...time for carrot cake!


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