Sunday, October 09, 2005

Life? What life? has been forever since I got anything on here....but sadly enough...theres not much new. Classes started = life as I knew it is over. 18 credits + two jobs will do that to you. So, I work at The Beanery 14 hrs a 16 (or more) hrs a week at Ruby Tuesday...thats 30+ hrs week of working...and I have my classes. Im not really taking 18 hard credits...only 15 of them are academic classes...the other 3 are dance. Salsa II, Ballroom II and West Coast Swing. Ive taken Salsa II and Ballroom II they are pretty easy...all three of them are fun. The others are Physics, Chemistry, Medical Terminology (with Spanish Translations) and Spanish 411...the are not that hard...except Physics! I havent had math since December 2002 (thats almost three years!!) and Ive never been the best at it makes physics hard for me. Its a good challenge though.
This weekend was relaxing though...Matt came down from Portland (I hadnt seen him in 17 days!!! - I think thats the longest stretch we've had apart) Friday night...though I was working. After I got off, I went home, and we just hung out before bedtime. Saturday I worked in the AM at the Beanery...then we headed to the coast to sit in his hottub. We also rented some movies and hung out with his mom & dad...we had some fresh crab that his dad brought home for was good...then we came back here and headed out to Cantina. This morning I worked at the Beanery, now I have two hours off before going to work at Ruby's...Im trying to fit in as much homework/studying as possible into that time...but my brain started to get im taking a break for this. I wish there was more to say that is more interesting...ill have to do something fun this week so I can write about it. Oh yeah...there is a fun thing that I did last week...I got my tongue pierced!! I love didnt hurt at tongue swelled up a little, but it didnt get in the way of eating or talking too much...its all healed now.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger Lester said...

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At 3:18 PM, Blogger Emily said...

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At 12:52 PM, Blogger J. David Boyd said...

About the tongue piercing:

Dave says, "What were you thinking?! You're going to ruin your teeth!"

Anita says, "I hope you aren't like the other girls I know who had their tongues pierced. They did it to pleasure the guys!"

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Dave - I have a plastic ball on the end so it doesnt hurt my bite : P

Anita - Im not like other girls in any way...especially this one...I did it for me and I love it for me. Though my guy friends do say that its hot... ; )


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