Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One man's trash is another man's treasure

I was talking to Matt this morning, and he was saying how I never update my blog...which is true...because I feel like there is never anything going on in my life...yet I always seem to be busy!! I dont quite know how that works out. Lets see what I have done in the last few days...
Sunday I opened the Beanery at 730, and worked until 230...then I grabbed something to eat (at Taco Bell of all places - cause I was going to Boden's [aka chris] and Kenny wanted some so that is where I went) and did some homework/studying while I ate. At 4 Tara (Chris' girlfriend) took me to work at Ruby's. She took me because I left my car at Boden's so Kenny could put in the speakers and deck I bought from him. I called him when I was done at work and he came and picke me my car with the fabulous new speakers!! The deck didnt get in yet because it got too dark. Okay, then back to Boden's for more homework and of course at midnight there was the now typical Poker With the Boys! It has become my Sunday evening routine to spend three hours playing poker with at least seven males, if not more. There were a lot there this last time...we had two tables of six (I think). Jessica (my girlfriend who I work with at the Beanery) came this time too...we got a little tipsy together beforehand...and had quite a lot of fun during!! I crashed at about 320 (yes mom, 320 in the morning, but its only once a week). at 8 to work out before class, class 10-11, bouldering 11-12, class 12-2, back to Boden's at 2 so I could study and hang out ( I think I ate something in there too...not quite sure though), then class again 5-6 and work at Ruby's 6-8, back to Boden's to hang out with Kenny a bit...what did we do? I dont remember, I know we ran around Corvallis some, then got yeah...we went to my house to get my computer because I had bought a new one and he wanted to buy mine...we also picked up Dahli. Back at Boden's...studying. Boden, Kenny, Rick (Boden's roommate) and I played a quick game of poker (im getting pretty good!!) before bedtime. Dahli and I slept at their house.
Tuesday, got up, Dahli and I ran, I showered, then got my new computer up and running and loaded new stuff etc...homework/study, work from 230 to 630, then I was supposed to have class from 7 to 9 but I really wasnt feeling well...and it was a dance class so it would have been constant moving around and having to be "peppy" so I went and took a nap at Boden's, then stayed to watch Nip/Tuck from 10 to 11 before heading home and to bed.
It is now 950 am on wednesday, Ive been up since 6. Worked out, talked to Matt on the phone, did Spanish homework. I have class at 10, then bouldering at 11, then class 12 to 2, then im going to Boden's so Kenny can finish my deck, and so I can get more stuff off of my old computer and onto the new one.
So...what did we learn from this little exercise? Hmm...I work a lot...I study a lot...I go to class ( But also that I have great friends who I get to spend a lot of time with, be it studying, or playing games, or eating, or just being pointless. I still think that I dont do much in a day...but the days are still full...
I do know that I am lucky to be here, in Corvallis, at OSU, with my 30+ hours of work at week and 18 credits of classes, and not much sleep, and time with friends, and climbing and lucky to be able to do it all, and to have the people in my life who support me to do it.
I hope you enjoy your treasure Matt...


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