Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Poker With The Boys

Sunday night...I had just finished a great weekend hanging out with Matt and working...I worked Friday night, then Saturday morning, then we went to the coast, and then to cantina Saturday night. He had to leave Sunday morning to be back in portland to meet a client and I had to work. After working at the beanery, I had a couple of hours off then I had to work at Ruby's. After Ruby's I got a call from Kenny (a new friend), said that he was going over to the house of a couple of guys that I know (Travis and Chris) to play poker and would I like to go. Hmmm...YES!!! It was so much fun! Travis, Chris, Kenny, Rick (travis and chris' other roommate), another Chris (who is the bouncer at the bar where Travis works - Cantina), a couple of other guys who work at Ruby's, and me. I have decided that I like hanging out with a bunch of guys!! We drank beer and played Texas Hold'em for quite a long time...I didnt even go out first!! I didnt win either, but I out-lasted three of them!! Go Me. I ended up staying at Chris and Travis', too many beers, its a good thing I practically live out of my car, I already had everything I needed for classes & working out Monday!!


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