Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thats right, I did it

I got a new computer!!! I cant even put into words the excitement that I feel about this decision!! It is an Apple PowerBook G4, which really means nothing...its got 80GB of hard drive, 512 RAM, a CD/DVD Burner, its small and light and wonderful!! I took my computer with me to school today for the first time in years, its great. Im selling my old one to Kenny...which works out great for me, cause I dont have to put any effort into selling it.
I got a great deal on it too...Mac just came out with a new version of the PowerBook, so the bookstore on campus is selling the old version really cheap, and the upgrades are not anything I really need. The "old" version of the PowerBook that I bought is still better than the current version of the iBook. When I was looking at them in the store, I really liked the PowerBook better than the iBook, but just couldnt justify spending the extra money on it, but the "old" version I ended up buying was actually cheaper than the iBook!! Soooo great for me!!
There is a little bit of a learning curve though, it doesnt work quite the same as my Compaq did...but I was able to buy a program with microsoft word, excel, power point and a couple of others that are made for macs so I dont have to totally relearn all of that.
I wish I could remember how to put pictures on these things so I could put up a picture of my new computer!!


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