Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Biker Babe?

Its official...I know how to safely ride a motorcycle. Sort of. Hmmm...so I took a motorcycle safety course over the weekend. It was a lot of fun...and I really did learn how to ride a motorcycle. Ill admit, before this class I was a little aprehensive of motorcycles, they are so dangerous and go so fast...but now that I know more, they are not so bad. We also did a lot of riding, I think I did a total of 30-something miles! all by myself on a bike!! It was fun, we had several different exercises that we did that were meant to gain our confidence and comfort on the bike, and they worked!!
Hmm...lets see...what else is new? I know...I finally have a CD player in my car now!! YAY!!! Kenny just bought one a few months ago for his car, but recently decided that he wanted to upgrade, so he sold me his old/new one for a very good deal! I love it! I missed being able to play CD's so much. I also bought speakers from him, so I actually have a decent stereo in my car now. Oh yeah...I dont have my Toyota anymore, several months ago I bought a 1993 Ford Explorer. I know...the "exploder", but it was only $1,500 and its so much better for me than my car was. Its a manual, V6 with push-button four-wheel drive, I love it. Ill admit its not my ideal vehicle, that would be a Toyota 4Runner, but its big and much more functional than the old Toyota. Its an SUV, which is all I care about right now. And it has a new stereo system that I am so very jazzed about.
I played a small game of poker Sunday night. There were only a few of us this time, a total of 7. I did pretty good though, I came out 3rd!! Which means I got my $5 buy-in back!! Thats the best I have ever done playing poker with these guys, I was (and still am) pretty proud of myself. Im getting better at Texas Hold'em...you guys better watch out!! lol


At 10:43 PM, Blogger Rosa Benito said...

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At 8:02 AM, Blogger MomUp said...

Congratulations!! Now all you need is a bright red motorcycle.


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