Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Where does time go?

I cant beleive it has been so long since I have updated this!! What a slacker I am!! Ok, short version of everything since then...classes ended, I went to Florida for 10 days to visit my Grandma, and Uncle on Sanibel island and then my other Aunt and Uncle up in Largo. It was so much fun, and a great break from everything...when I got back to Corvallis, I hit the ground running...working, moving and preparing for this term. I live in a great apartment now, very close to both of my jobs, and only a few minutes from campus. I love my roommate and the house, its been such a great place to live!!! I also got my fair share of partying in during the break...had an amazing new years, went to a couple of parties that night with great friends. Then classes started. Enough said. No more party, no more free time...oh well...my class load is okay...nuthing thats really any fun, except Abnormal Psychology, its pretty interesting. Been working A LOT lately, went two weeks straight at Ruby's, which was my own doing, but I didnt mind, and the paycheck/tips make it worthwhile. Still been going to poker, and been kicking ass...its great. Couple of weeks ago came in second out of 18 people, was doing really good for a long time, big chip lead. Last week was in a good lead again, but I came in secone again (maybe third...dont quite remember) This last week was 4 out of 20, there were soooo many ppl there, I rememeber back in october there were 6 of us around a small coffee table, now there is an actual poker table also, its packed. Its rough on monday though, when I have class at 9 (its one I cant skip too!!! No Good...lol) this past sunday night I only got 2.5 hours of sleep, went to bed at 5 and had to be up at 730, but I survived...I figure if I only do it one night a week...its not too bad...haha
I went and saw Matt yesterday, first time in waaaayyy too long, it was a blast, as usual!!! We went a McMeniman's, had burgers, beer and fries and played pool. Couple hours (and a couple pitchers of beer) later, we walked to an amazing restaurant for dessert (I cant remember the name right now). I had a peanut butter mousse thing, Matt had a Baked Alaska, and we shared a glass of port wine and pear brandy. Well...were supposed to share, but the brandy was too much for me, so he drank that and I drank the wine. It was just so much fun...what a great way to escape from life for an evening!! Thanks Matt.
Im off now, have a statistics and psychology midterm tomorrow, and a spanish paper to write!! Yikes!! Good thing im not working tonight!!